Terms and Conditions for Selling Goods through the Skull Appreciation Society Online Shop

You are hereby entering into an agreement to sell goods though the Skull Appreciation Society’s online website – the Skull Appreciation Society (SAS) will act as your agent in this regard.


  • This Website is owned and operated by Skull Appreciation Society, or SAS, (‘we’/’us’/’our’), a limited company (trading as Mr Four Fingers), based in London, England (35 Bells Hill, Barnet, EN5 2SG).


  • Sellers are responsible for managing their online shops – this includes loading and publishing products onto the website, and communicating with customers where necessary.


  • The Skull Appreciation Society agrees to take 20% commission on goods sold through our website.
  • The commission will be taken from the sales price – commission will not be taken from the price of the postage.
  • We will take the orders directly through our website, via paypal, and will send you the payment minus the commission fee, as stated above.
  • The commission will be subtracted from the sale price – any costs we incur during the payment process will be paid for by us and it won’t affect the agreed commission price.
  • SAS requests that the seller sells their products at the same price they would sell it for on their own website, and you are requested not to add a mark up to make up for the commission fee.


  • The price for products will be in US dollars.
  • It is the artists/seller’s responsibility to enter the correct price at the time of website listing.


  • We will make payment to you at the end of every calendar month.
  • Payment will be made via Paypal.
  • We will require an invoice from you displaying the goods sold and the amount.
  • Payment will be made in US dollars.


  • It is the artists/creator responsibility to look after all shipping after an order has been confirmed – We as the Skull Appreciation Society will not be responsible for distribution of goods.
  • You have 3 working days to confirm receipt of the order and to get the order processed and shipped out to the customer.
  • If you cannot fulfil the order you must tell the customer (and us) immediately.
  • Postage costs will be decided upon by you before the items are listed on the website as for sale. If you do not confirm your shipping costs they will be allocated the default prices ($7.50 for national and $15 for international orders)
  • It is the artists/creator/brands responsibility to inform SAS of product availability.


  • Faulty or damaged items will need to be re-sent at the customer’s request by the artists/creator/brands. If the customer does not wish to receive a replacement then a full refund will be given.  Returns will only be entertained for legitimate reasons, such as receipt of the incorrect product or damaged goods.


  • The work/goods of the artists/creator/brands belong to the parties concerned and we as the Skull Appreciation Society will not claim ownership of your work or creations.
  • You are free to sell your work through other channels but you must notify of any changes to the product as and when they happen.
  • You give us the right to act on your behalf to promote and sell your product through all online channels during the term of this agreement.
  • You give us the right to use your product images in all our online communications including; website, social media, email, display and any other forms of advertising

Intellectual Property

  • Skull Appreciation Society strives to respond quickly when we receive proper notice of intellectual property infringement by removing or disabling access to the allegedly infringing material. When SAS removes or disables access in response to a notice, SAS makes a reasonable attempt to contact the allegedly infringing party, provide information about the notice and removal, and, in cases of alleged copyright infringement, provide information about counter notification. SAS may also provide a copy of the notice to the allegedly infringing party.


  • There will also be opportunities to exhibit your work through SAS and the commission agreed to sell work through the online shop will be %50 when sold through a gallery – we will contact you directly with regards to this.


  • Both parties can cancel this agreement at any time with 30 days written notice being given.