Winged Skull Ring


Grateful Dead? Well this bonehead seems happy to haunt almost any finger, from rock stars to roughnecks and give them a little edgy twist. The feather band is cast from a hand carved wax original to give this deadhead a real lift. Living proof that you really can take it with you!

It is available in obsidian (shining black)shown here, tigers eye (golden), or tiger iron (a natural mix of tigers eye, jasper and hematite).


Sterling Silver Winged Skull ring with genuine carved gemstones. It is available in obsidian, aka Dragonglass (shining black) shown here, tigers eye (golden), or tiger iron (a natural mix of tigers eye, jasper and hematite).

It is handcrafted from Sterling Silver and is stamped on the back with the Mercurious name and logo and 925 to guarantee authenticity.

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All pieces are designed by Momo and created in his studio in Bali

He says: “I guess once, long ago, I was fascinated by comic books, fantasy art magazines and mythical literature. Somehow, fortunately, I managed to bring that into my later life by donning the mantle of a merchant adventurer, a global trader, a treasure hunter, a gypsy. I spent many years travelling all over the world, enamoured with various tribes and their different ways of seeing life, while hunting for unusual minerals. These rarest of rocks I would bring to the stone shapers, and I taught myself their art of transformation, searching for spirit in the stone, a play of colour and light. Then after to the feiry forges of the metal magicians, alchemists who could transform base metals into amulets and adornments, pieces of power for the modern warrior. Their bellows gasping as the foot stomps down rhythmically like an alien heartbeat…silver bursting into a molten sun, water spitting and hissing defiantly, as the relentless hammer hits can you not like this? it’s elemental, archetypal, ancient, artistic and totally alive!
Rock on!”