Komeet Jewelry

Komeet Jewelry is all about painstaking details and life lasting jewellery. Every piece is made for the customer, I don't do mass production, so if you have anything special on your mind, don't hesitate to ask! Not only are my jewellery made from recycled metals, but they also have a lifetime guarantee, not two or ten years, but a lifetime.

Sterling cat skull pendant


Highly detailed cat skull pendant in sterling silver with venice chain.



Handmade 925 sterling silver cat skull necklace, sterling silver round venice chain included.
This 12 gram feline skull pendant is handmade from 925 sterling silver with oxidated details.

Each piece is made to meet customers desires, so let me know if you want something special included your very own version, length of chain for example can be modified or you can have precious stones or golden roses setted as eyes.

Pendants first class finish has a lifetime guarantee and it will be renewed when needed with a cost of postage.

You can choose between polished and matte finish.

Skull dimensions:
Width: 19 millimeter / 0.75 inches
Height: 13 millimeter / 0.51 inches
Length: 25 millimeter / 0.98 inches

Length converter for the chain,
centimeters as inches:
38cm = 15,0″
40cm = 15,7″
42cm = 16,5″
45cm = 17,7″
50cm = 19,7″
60cm = 23,6″
70cm = 27,6″
80cm = 31,5″

Additional information

Chain Size

38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm

When I do something, I aim to perfection and I have to feel proud of what I’ve done, so when I unleash something from my hands to the world I make sure that only surprises to the customer will be positive!

Things I do, are made to last.