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Small Bobcat Skull Necklace


  • Handmade item
  • Material: bronze
  • Ships worldwide from United States


Small Bobcat skull necklace in silver white bronze.

This beautifully carved bobcat skull pendant was lost wax cast in a tarnish resistant white silicon bronze. The original wax was carved here in NYC from an anatomy drawing. No bobcats were injured.

Bobcats are one of the largest predators we have on the mountain where I have my place in Tennessee. I have run into them on several occasions. Some hunters had poached a whole bunch of deer for meat. They pretty much just took the legs and piled the rest on an old logging road off the main dirt road near my place.
Now that road was right on the steepest park of the road. I had just had a real heartbreak and my way of dragging myself out of a depression was to run that long hill every morning like it or not.

So I’m running up that hill and there is this pile of discarded deer and a huge old stump with the biggest female bobcat I have ever seen sitting on it. I looked at her, she at me.
So it went like that day after day. I would slow down, stop as I ran up the hill, look at her and as I came back down the hill I would say hello. And when I would say hello she started kind of meowing back.
She was really camping out on her stash. It was late fall and she was fattening up for what would be one of the coldest winters in over 14 years.
I may have been reading into it but I never saw another bobcat around. I got the feeling she was alone too. Maybe her lover was a mess and she gave him the heave-ho. It was good to see her every morning. The pile was dwindling and with snow, in the forecast, I made the run in the cold saying hello on my way up and as I came down the hill she stepped off the stump. She walked right to the side of that road and she sat down. I slowed my run and as I got close I sat down too. Her eyes, of course, were wild and I just calmed my mind and sat there not expecting not writing the story for later, just being there. She gave out a low moaning growl, but not an angry one. It was sad. I was sad. I don’t think bobcats cry tears so I cried them for us both.

The piece is 1 inch by 1 inch or 2.54 x 2.54cm.

Look closely at the skull fissures and details. It’s a very nice piece.

The brick and mortar store/studio in NYC is Blue Atelier 40 Clinton Street NY NY 10009