The lost art of keeping a secret


Bronze.Worldwide edition of 7


Named after the Queens of the stone age song, this sculpture was completed in 2017 and is being issued in bronze as an edition of 7. It measures 12 x 17 x 19 cm with a light patinated finish.The piece addresses themes of sentience and secrecy using keyhole escutcheons as metaphors for unlocking, or looking into the human mind.It was first shown to the pubic at Dadiani Fine art in Cork Street London September 2017

I graduated in 1984 at Birmingham polytechnic with a Ba hons degree in 3D design specializing in Ceramics and glass. For several years I worked in the potteries in Stoke on Trent as a designer and model-maker, where I learned about mass production and became proficient at mould-making.I moved to Cornwall in 1988 and set up in business in 1990, providing a mould-making and casting service for artists and the ceramics industry as well as producing my own commercial designs in resin.

I like to work with combinations of seemingly incompatible ideas and forms to produce sculptures. Inspired by childhood memories of museum visits, skulls, fossils and armour, and my industry background in mould-making I aim to produce convincing & meticulously constructed figurative pieces, often with a strong social comment. I use a lot of widely different materials and construction methods often having to learn completely new techniques and skills. My objective is to give body to my own insights on the human condition through these dark, slightly humorous sculptures, introducing provocative values by the rethinking of familiar objects. 

One of my pieces was awarded the “People’s choice prize” at The 2008 Bluecoat National Sculpture Competition in Liverpool. Later that year I was featured on BBC video nation 

In 2013 I was shortlisted for the Threadneedle prize with my piece “Urban Burka”. 

In 2014 I was awarded first prize at the 6th Passion for freedom festival for my sculpture “Harness”, armour for a bird. This piece has been on display at the Tower of London from March-July 2017. It will continue to tour Royal Armouries sites until April 2018

In 2016 I won “Best installation” with my wall pieces “Decade” at The National open art competition in London.