African Warthog Skull


This grandeur Warthog is one of the biggest I have ever seen. A truly unique work of art that is sure to have any beholder mesmerised.

Its enormous tusks a striking feature, to the distinctive shape and texture of the skull itself, this piece of work is a firm favourite.

A perfect feature piece for any entrance hall, desk, guest or master room. Can be displayed flat on a table or on a plinth.

Over five coats of pearl acrylic paint encapsulate the skull giving it a truly ethereal appearance. Each line and dot carefully placed by hand in fine black ink, the patterns are mirrored gracefully onto each side of the skull, completely spontaneously. The artist follows the natural shape of the skull when drawing the patterns and uses symbolism to portray what she thinks might relate to the spirit of the animal. Gold paint is applied to the teeth and tusks of the skull to give it a regal finish. Varnish is then applied to the skull to set all designs firmly in place, also offering a protection against any moisture and to ensure maximum durability.

All Skulls are a product of natural death, found in game parks and then very rigorously cleaned before painted.

I am able to source more warthog skulls so please be in touch if you want to pre-order, sizes will vary, this particular warthog skull is very big.

Weight – 3kgs

Size: Height- 25cm Width- 32cm Length- 40cm



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