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Pretty intense skull murals and art by Hungarian street artist Fat Heat. He has a superb array of images in his portfolio and many crazy skulls strewn about. His ‘About’ section is quite a refreshing read, no bullshit and pomp, just passion. Fat Heat’s art […]

Holy skull balls, it’s Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! We launched the Skull Appreciation Society earlier this year and we want to thank you for all your support over 2012. We’ve got some exciting developments happening in 2013 so be sure to come back […]

As well as being skull lovers on SAS, we are also skull fiends over at Mr Four Fingers (our illustration conduit). Here are a few pieces we left in the streets of London recently. These are part of a bigger Left and Found series where […]

This is one of our earlier skull prints available to buy through the Street Anatomy store. The print is called ‘Closer’ and features 2 skulls facing each other framed in a heart. The illustration was inspired by ONE, where two skulls become one, which Street Anatomy liked […]

Skeletor was the arch nemesis to He-Man, the master of the universe. You have to be a hardcore bad-ass to be able to stand the onslaught from the man who harnesses the power of GRAYSKULL. To be honest I’m not sure why it has taken me this long […]

Adding yet another piece of art/illustration to the ranks of the Mr Four Fingers Left & Found series comes ‘Skull People’. Left & Found is a little thing we like to do where we leave some original art in the street somewhere where whoever finds […]

Custom toy skulls by Taiwan based artists ’13’. These skulls are currently sold out (£15 a pop) but one can always hope that they will make another appearance. I would definitely like to see a key chain attached to this, making my bunch of keys […]

This skull, Walt A.K.A Heisenberg from the very popular series Breaking Bad, has been created by Travis Louie for  The Breaking Bad Art Project at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. I personally love the series and was so happy when I found this on Street Anatomy’s blog.

It’s only natural that when we come across amazing talents that they get to make our skull wall of fame multiple times. Smug One is one of those talents that I’m sure will be making more then two appearances (check out last blog here!). The […]

On one drunken night in East London we spied a mischievous little skull through blurry eyes. The skull I’m referring to was a vinyl sticker created by Skeleton Cardboard. We were fortunate enough to find out the artists name through posting about it on Insta. […]

We have featured the talents of Steve Locatelli before but it’s time we shared some more. Locatelli is a graffiti/mural artist hailing from Belgium who has a definite flair for skulls. Like I said he is great at skulls but don’t let that fool you […]