Zombie Boy in Dali-Inspired Skull Photo Shoot

Zombie Boy as the main centre-piece of this Dali-inspired skull shot by Joey L.

Extract below taken from Joey L’s website which goes on to explain more about this creative project.


The main image was inspired by an classic image created by Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman called In Voluptate Mors. Joey L and Rebel Ink Magazine. chose to create a similar image with Zombie Boy because the visual portrayal of the skull goes along with the theme of the tattoo artwork decorating his “human canvas”. The women in the photographs are also covered in real tattoos, and were cast based on their position in the skull. In the actual magazine cover, you’ll notice the girls are wearing underwear.

With Rebel Ink being carried in stores, and this shot being intended for the cover, we needed the models to have some kind of clothing on… Now, Obviously the better of these shots is the nude version because the underwear, even though its flesh toned, is a little distracting. Not only does it cover up their tatoos, but it creates breaks in the otherwise continuous natural lines of the human body. So, I shot a version with clothing, and one without, then used the plates to make two versions of the same image. The reason behind this multi purposed. One reason was so the client could have the nude image to use in other places such as their website, and the other being I wanted the less distracting version for my own portfolio.”