Yukon Seasons – Carved Animal Skull and antlers

‘Yukon Seasons’ is another amazing carved animal skull and antler piece from the hands of the immensely talented Shane Wilson. We have featured his carvings and sculptures before with Gaia Moose Skull and Dall Sheep Duality. As usual we are blown away with the immense detail and skill.

This may be an old piece dating back to 2003 but if you have not seen it before then it’s new right? This particular carved animal skull belonged to a  moose skull and is carved with various geometric motifs and animals of the Yukon, the home of Shane Wilson.
Shane_Wilson_Carved_Animal_Skull_1Shane_Wilson_Carved_Animal_Skull_5 Shane_Wilson_Carved_Animal_Skull_4 Shane_Wilson_9  Shane_Wilson_8 Shane_Wilson_7 Shane_Wilson_1