We Need Your Help to Find Out Where this Skull Came From?

Skull-lovers from across the world UNITE! I’ve actually always wanted to say that.

We need your help to find where this skull came from. A fellow skull-lover contacted us asking us if we could source or locate the creator of this skull sculpture. If you have any info or have seen something like this before then please let us know.

The below message is from Richard Jenne, he’s 73 now and has had this sculpture for years and is trying to get more information on this prized possession he has kept with him for over 60 years (wowzers!).

“I’ve been trying for years to find out something about this skull.  My father was a pharmacist, and artist.  He was given this skull by a doctor in Northern California in the 1920’s.  He used it as a reference for an illustration for a local theatre.  He gave it to me in the 1950’s.”

Get your proverbial detective hats on and starting looking for clues. Leave comments below.



skull bottom