Vlad Gradobyk

vlad  gradobyk skull_by_ac44-d6p1nfn skull__by_ac44-d6vffwn skull__by_ac44-d6vfg68 skull__by_ac44-d6vffs3  siamese_twins_by_ac44-d6lnttc vlad  gradobyk _decapitation_by_ac44-d6z6b17

These skull creations by Vlad Gradobyk are both beautiful and disturbing. The disturbing element may come from the fact that we rarely see the skulls of babies/toddlers used in illustrations. It’s  a macabre reminder of a very young death.

All morbid thoughts aside, these are indeed great drawings by Vlad and it seems from looking through his work that he mainly works with traditional mediums like pencil and dip pen.