Virginia The Wolf KickStarter Project

One of the hardest things to achieve in life is to do something that you love and get paid for it. And that’s what I love about Kickstarter Projects – they make the impossible possible. It gives me great joy to share with you a fellow skull enthusiast and SAS artist – Virginia the Wolf. If you were able to come to our art exhibition last year then you would’ve remembered their work!

ram head by virginia the wolf skull necklace stone encrusted - virginia the wolf

Virginia the Wolf needs some help and support to get to the next stage in their brand development – they urgently need some studio space so they can carry on creating the beautiful skulls they produce where they take pride in bringing art and science together through hand made ethically sourced bone jewellery and art sculptures.

They will be splitting the money between studio rental and bringing some skull beauty to a variety of UK festivals and markets.

Help fund the Virginia The Wolf Kickstarter Project here!


Help fund the Virginia The Wolf Kickstarter Project here!