Unusual Skull Sculpture by Heath Satow

skull sculpture by heath satow 2 skull sculpture by heath satow

This unusual-looking skull sculpture is by Heath Satow, a versatile LA-based artist who specialises in sculpture – just scrolling through his blog now and his portfolio of work is diverse as it is beautiful. Heath made contact us with us through our Facebook page and I’ve been meaning to blog about his skull sculpure for ages (sorry Heath!).

Sometimes when I come across an artist like this, who use a variety of mediums producing a large body of work, I am always tempted to share the rest of the work. Sacrilege I know, and don’t worry, skulls all the way on the SAS wall baby. But seriously go check out his work!

This extract has been taken from his website:

About the Satow sculpture studio

Heath Satow has been designing and fabricating public art for over twenty years and he loves what he does. He welcomes the challenge of creating art that appeals to a diverse audience from children to art critics. His sculpture Ripple won the 2012 Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Network Award for its “innovative and creative contribution in the field of public art”, and since then he’s been exploring the theme of “reflection” as both a literal and metaphorical subject matter.