Traditonal and Digital Skull Art by Javier Gonzalez Pacheco

Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_4 Javier_Gonzalez_4 ghostrider_Javier_Gonzalez digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_skull_gif digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_Skull _Gifs digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_4 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_3 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_2 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_1

Every portfolio should have a healthy dose of skulls. Javier Gonzalez Pacheco excels at this by creating amazing digital skull art and a few traditional ones to boot. One can never become bored with skull astronauts.

Javier moves easily between digital and traditional art and his gallery is a riot of animals, textures, colours and skulls. It’s damn fine. There are even a few skull GIFs dotted about.

Check out more of his work on Behance and Deviant Art.