Tim McDonagh Skull Figures

Tim McDonagh has a lovely portfolio bursting with warm and detailed illustrations and as luck would have it he has some dark skull figures as well. One of these skull characters is called Lady of the Flowers (2nd image) and can be purchased as a print from Thumbtack Press starting at $19.99.

McDonagh has the kind of work that the more I look at it the more I appreciate the insane detail. I recommend checking out his blog as he uploads loads of process images which are a pleasure to look at as I love when artist do this kind of thing. The last illustration called ‘Don’t Feed The Birds’ may not have a skull (well there is a tiny one) but I’m posting it here as it’s available for £180 as an original A2 ink illustration. That is amazing. Buy it you can.

tim mcdonagh skull

tim mcdonagh skulltim_mcdonagh_4