Third Eye Print by Dr. Lukas Brezak


You will have no doubt sensed a theme running through my last few series of posts, and that is obviously highlighting some of the artwork that was featured at Celebrabis Vitae (which is now available to buy in our skull shop BTW!). Another one of these artists is Dr. Lukas Brezak!

This talented artist hails from the Czech Republic and we were happy to have his work all the way here in London. Dr. Lukas Brezak is an independent serial artist focusing mostly on digital paintings, illustrations, graphic design, photography, 3D art and other medicines… He’s one of the last european doctors using secrets of an old art combined with modern technology to heal wounds not only of the human nature but also the ones of the whole universe (

Artist Name: Dr. Lukas Brezak
Name of piece: Third Eye
Type: Digital Print
Limited Edition of 1
Price: £180
Size: 50x70cm

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Contact us if you would like it framed! Shipped from UK