Skull Paintings by Johnny Crap


Jonathan-Bergeron-_1Jonathan-Bergeron-_6 Jonathan-Bergeron-_4 Jonathan-Bergeron-_3   Johnny_Crap_5 Jonathan-Bergeron_5  Johnny_Crap_3 Johnny_Crap_4

Jonathan Bergeron A.K.A. Johnny Crap has evolved a skull character that is instantly recognisable. Well it’s recognisable if you know his work. If Johhny Crap is new to you then I’m sure this skull style will not soon be forgotten.These slightly enigmatic looking skull characters appear all over the place from Star Wars to riding horseback wandering the sea.

Johnny Crap is a Canadian full time artist, paints with oils mainly, though he can also draw like a man possessed.

jonathan-bergeron_art Johnny_Crap_1

Many of Johnny Crap’s paintings can be bought from his online store. He also has prints available from Society 6. I also recommend that you follow his Instagram account as he is always updating in with WIP images. It’s a severe understatement when I say he has a prolific imagination.