The Beautiful Remnants of Wildlife

World Wildlife Products is the animal division of Atlantic Coral Enterprise and as you can tell by the name they sell an absolute plethora of items from nature ranging from wholesale sea shells, animal bones, skulls, eggs, decorative fish nets… the list goes on. This is a shop that would be damn awesome to visit. They are based in Saint Augustine, Florida, so if that’s a little out the way then be sure to visit their online store.

As far as I can see they do not ship internationally and there is a $100 minimum order required.

Below are a selection of skulls we found.Some pictures are pretty small but on their website they also provide a written description of the products which will proves useful when buying.

Blesbok SkullBlesbok-skull wildlife

Kudu Skull

kudu_skull wildlife

Vervet Monkey Skull

Vervet-monkey-skull wildlife

Racoon Skull racoon-skul

Wildebeest Skull

Wildebeest kudu-skull-2