The Art of Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson has a prodiguous amount of talent and it’s a good thing he has some skulls in his designs, giving me a good excuse to share with you skull overs. The first illustration I found  is the first image below entitled Apollonian Wight and is a fine art print available from Keiths online store in two sizes 13″x19″ ($50) and 8″ x 11″ ($30). His conceptual art style is intricate, warm and oh so creepy. There are various stories that sit side by side with the illustrations and are well worth a read . Love it.

Below is the story for Apollonian Wight.

“When experiments testing the viability of tapping into the quantum vacuum for energy were performed on the Apollo 21 Lab Station, reports devolved into strange ramblings about how their conclusions were inconceivable to human minds. Before all communication ceased, garbled messages were sent to earth from the astronauts about their experiments revealing to them the “howling face of the sun.” A rescue crew was violently repulsed from the station by corpses in the astronaut’s space suits. Footage of the incident show ghostly images of tormented figures hanging just behind these corpses, struggling, but seemingly unable to pull themselves apart from their decaying bodies.”

keith thompson wight skull



Liche Keith Thompson


Fungal Zombie

fungal zombie keith thompson


Pripyat Beast

pripyat beast keith-thompson