Teddy Bear Skulls

teddy bear skullteddy bear skull

teddy bear skull Teddy_Bear_Skull_Ursulus_queribundus_disneyus Teddy_Bear_Skull_Ursulus_solicitudo_disneyus  Teddy_Bear_Skull_Ursulus_lenis_Detail Teddy_Bear_Skull_Ursulus_nothoarchaeos Teddy_Bear_Skull_Ursulus_prehendo

These soft and fuzzy looking teddy bear skulls are based on actual reverse engineered teddy bears. Yeah, that may sound a bit mental but seeing the final product I can do with a little insanity. These skulls are made from needle felted wool.

Stephanie Metz
, the creator of these fuzzy skulls believes that the teddy bear is a metaphor for the way humans manipulate the natural world to our own ends. She creates the teddy bear skull with a “pretense of realness to emphasize the artifice of a familiar but unconsidered subject.

Stephanie also has a time lapse video on YouTube showing how one of these skulls are created. Not was I was thinking at all and more skill and patience that you would think.

Originally found on Trend Hunter