Takato Yamamoto

Watercolour skull painting

Loving these paintings by Takato Yamamoto and his innate ability to combine gore, nudity and skulls without being horrifying. Takato was born in Akita, Japan in 1960 and his style is one of immense detail and reminiscent of old Japanese watercolour paintings. Though his definitely involves more skulls and bondage.

We have gathered these images from various blogs on the net but you can visit the actual website of Takato Yamamoto and his online store called ‘Uptight Museum Shop‘ or here at Aka Tako.

Takato Yamamoto Takato Yamamoto Watercolour_Skull_Painting_5 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_4 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_3 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_2 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_1

Sources from :Origami Cupcake, Fugu Suicide, Decent Men in an Indecent Time,