Image Source: BioLib This skull may have the appearance of a snake skull but what you are indeed looking at is a moray eel skull. I have always been fascinated by moray eels and their ability to send chills down ones spine with their surprise attacks

Breaking news (5 years old that is): Real alien skull found in Africa. This curiously humanoid skull with distinctly extra terrestrial features is the fossilized remains found by archeologists. According to Takeshi Yamada. This otherworldy skull is the creation of Mr Yamada who is a “rogue

I definitely think of some odd things to collect and make skulls from. Fingernail skull art was not on that list. Though old blister skin was. So I should probably not find this gross at all but I do. Maybe it's the texture that freaks

This odd looking stoneware skulls is called Dirty Teeth Skull and is available to buy and hang on your wall. I can't see any price though there is a message to contact the supplier (unless I'm missing something). What I can tell you is that

We featured Skull Spider from artist and tattooist Resonanteye a few months back and now we are back with some more creepy skull oddities. Skull Spider is still available for purchase from her online Etsy store for £1962.32. It's pretty amazing and is probably something