INSA is a fine artist and designer who creates real-life gifs! He has labeled them as Gif-iti and each mural is painted and then photographed in sequence to create the animation (of up tom 8 layers) which you can see here. I found this amazing

This interesting looking skull sculpture, by Christian Gomzenbach,  is made up of a broken ostrich egg and is titled Homo ab ovo. I found this amazing piece of art while I was trawling through This Is Colossal, which I highly recommend BTW. You can see some of Christian's

This is Colossal is one of the coolest blogs around. They often blog about art and design and they've recently launched their online shop. That's where I spotted this golden skull sculpture which is available for just $46. The skull has been created by Chicago-based artists Sarah

These oddly shaped neon skulls have been created by Portland-based artist Eric Franklin. This trio of skulls are lit internally by ionised neon, krypton and mercury, and have been created using a network of glass tubes, tightly sealed together in a vacuum. I'm not really sure

Nickel carving originated in the 18th century and the coins themselves were referred to as Hobo Nickels - the name is derived from the great depression when unemployed artists spent their time carving these little pieces of art in the hope to make some extra