You’ve probably seen us mention Ali Gulec before as we’ve featured his work on Society 6 in the past. He’s done a number of floral skulls that we’ve shown you in a previous blog but I thought I’d show you all my own personal Top 5,

    Wendy Ortiz may not use skulls as a main focus but you will find them scattered about in her amazing portfolio. Wendy is known for her mixed media portraits of sultry ladies though among these beauties lurk a few skulls. I particularly admire

Kit King is another unbelievable artist that we have been fortunate enough to stumble across in the wonderful land of Instagram. Her portfolio is split into either amazing large-scale portraits or wonderful skull drawings and paintings. Kit King is a self-taught Canadian artist with a penchant

This simple but oh so ever beautiful 3D poly skull is created by Italian digital artist Error 23. This skull is also available as a print in various forms on the seemingly ubiquitous Society 6. This 3D poly skull is only available as a landscape print.

Graphic artist, Kristy Patterson, loves creating skull designs. It's apparent in her graphic-styled illustrations, which can be found on Society 6 or Red Bubble, and contain bucket loads of skulls (obviously). It's one of the reasons we think she rocks :) From what I can see,

Whilst perusing the net for a skull I found that Herbie the famous beetle has a darker side. Ok I made that up but I have a feeling this may be what the artist was intending, a kinda darker and filthier Herbie. This illustration was

Here are two damn delicious looking skulls (skull figured) from illustrator John Filipe that are both available as various sized prints from Society6. These prints are Giclee quality and being Society 6 these designs are also available on a variety of other products like canvas,

Norman Duenas certainly has  a lovely set of skulls in his illustration portfolio with most looking pretty much perfect for t-shirts. As with a lot of young illustrators these days you can buy their prints on Society 6. Think it's about time I bought one

Some diverse skulls by Steven Toang , most available from Society 6 as prints . I see a lot of Stevens work on Design by Humans and I'm generally impressed by his use of textures and colour and the fact that he has a fair share of skulls!

Skull Appreciation Society welcomes Senor Salmes skull illustrations to the fold. This guy has some great linework illustrations and most of the time the are coloured digitally with warm retro-esque feel. The prints are available to buy from his online store on Society 6.  

I often find amazing images on Tumblr accounts and as with most if these accounts they rarely link to the artists or provide the name of the artist. So a big thank you to Google Images as your image search thing is awesome, this way