Skull Study is an ongoing series of skull drawings by Mr Four Fingers. These skull pieces generally involve silhouetted type figures with their 'faces' sliced off. This reveals a skull and concentric bands of colour. This time the colour is gold metallic paint. This

   I had literally, yes literally pull myself away from my computer screen lest I spiral too far down the twisted rabbit hole that is the imagination of DZO Olivier. His creations are truly mesmerizing , where figures, plants, objects and animals

Somehow this amazing skull drawing by Iain Macarthur eluded our SAS nets. This leering skull was created amongst other illustrations for Be-Street Magazine. Be-Street is a French (there is English however) quarterly publication distributed to 15 countries worldwide.

This red skull t-shirt is available to buy from Fangoria, an internationally distributed US film fan magazine that specializes in the horror genre. If you find out they are still selling this skull t-shirt then please do let us know.