Large back piece skull tattoos like these will never cease to amaze me. This particular skull tattoo was by Carlos Torres and his version has me imaging that that person died peacefully and now their skull lies peacefully amongst the blooming roses. Carlos has been tattooing

I really like these skull tattoos by Jun Cha for their almost watercolour aesthetic. The structural shapes and facets are reminiscent of greek statues (and there are statues) which I adore for their simplicity and strength. Tattoos of this

I find this hand skull tattoo curious becuse it's one of those tattoos that only make sense when you place your hand on your face for whatever reason. Saying that it does make you double take and it is pretty cool looking. Found uncredited so if

I'm pretty much gobsmacked at this huge skull tattoo and is definitely one of the largest have seen. This image was found on various Pinterest/tumblr accounts with no credit so if you know who created the tattoo art then please do let us know in the comments

Here are a few cartoon style and what can only called 'evil cute' skull tattoos by Kelly Doty. Kelly started tattooing professionally in 2009 and has since developed a specialty in "spooky colour work". Also found on Skullspiration.

Being a massive fan of geometric shapes, especially skulls, I was pretty damn pleased to stumble across this massive illusion skull tattoo back piece created by Kike Bugni (Facebook and Tumblr). Kike has a  super impressive collection of geometric tattoos so if that's your kind

Rico the Zombie, or Rick Genest, is a Canadian artist and fashion model born in Lasalle, Montreal. He became famous because of his unique skeleton tattoo's which cover his whole body, including a full skull. Before he got any tattoos he was diagnosed with a

This is the second skull tattoo video time-lapse we've posted from Dark Design Graphics. The tattoo design features 3 skulls on top of each other surrounded by roses and a number of other different flowers. It's a beautiful piece of work and I would love

The one place where you can have a tattoo and safely cover if you decide you don't like it later. Awkward however if you get bald in later life and show these nice skulls peeking through patchy grey hair sure to scare the kids. Found on

Skull Tattoos found on Fuck Yeah Skull Tattoos

I never wanted to get a Skull Tattoo before but that was before I decided to man-the-fuck-up. Now I want to be covered in Skulls, I just don’t have enough money to do so.

I found a load of cool skull tattoos on the interweb, and in particular on Fuck Yeah Skull Tattoos, and had to share these amazing pieces of art. Also had to stop myself from posting pictures of just hot girls. Maybe next time…