The chances are quite good that you have seen the work of Hyrdo 74 at some point (featured before on this blog). He is known for his ornate style when creating illustrations for tees and prints. Hydro draws skulls and animals will equal fervor.

      Disturbia Clothing is definitely one of my favourite clothing apparel. This is largely due to the fact that their 'resident artist' is Godmachine and their fantastic look-books. They also stock designs by the awesome Boneface and a few other talented artists. Disturbia is

Some nice alternative skull designs by As The Music Dies. They have an interesting looking skull french horn t-shirt design and cool looking Pharaoh skull rings that vary in prices from $160 - $220 with choices such as sterling silver and bronze.

This Walking Dead Zombie t-shirt is a mass of dead folk that create one massive skull. Kinda looks like the original collage is a painting of sorts. I never quite made it through the television series as it got pretty boring. At least zombies and skulls

A fellow skull lover is trying to set up his own business and needs our help. We know how tough it is getting funding for personal projects, through Mr Four Fingers, so we could only oblige when they told us their story. SkullF*cked is an

Here's another skull by us, Mr Four Fingers, and this time in the form of a t-shirt design called Bittersweet. We were invited to join the Maison Twenty collective to design some t-shirts for their collection and we obviously had to do a skull one.

This red skull t-shirt is available to buy from Fangoria, an internationally distributed US film fan magazine that specializes in the horror genre. If you find out they are still selling this skull t-shirt then please do let us know.  

Here are some fantastic illustrated skulls created by Indonesian illustrator Geno75. I have been following the illustration work of Geno75 since we (Mr Four Fingers) joined Design By Humans and since then I have noticed his name crop up many more times  on various t-shirt