Every now and again I'm blown away by someone's incredible imagination. This is one of those times. Whilst posting about Scourgee999 I saw that he posted about a guy called Haas Style Art and his wondorous

In our endeavor to bring skulls to the people we often find a fair amount of carved skulls. It's now becoming apparent that there is a large community of talented bone carving artisans in Bali. These hand carved items are often carved into

I recently went to Paris and found a few skulls which I wanted to share with you all - I do not know the names of the shops/artists/creators so if you recognise any then please share the names with us. I was hoping to find

Freelance artist Meg Coleman has some fantastic skull sculptures or in her words 'Skull-pture' (Nice one!). She is presently interested in the "beauty of the remnants left after life'. That is probably one of the most beautiful sentences I have read. Meg currently has two forms

I found Ron Garrigues site purely by accident and I was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful bronze skull sculptures. Ron's work is incredible and these are only a small number of his sculptures. He's got bronze animal skull sculptures too which will soon be