This Pac Man skull was sent to us by a skull fan on our FB wall. The pacman skull was made in 2002 by, French artist Le Gentil Garçon. Pacman's iconic shape will feel most people with nostalgia and this skull sculpture of this famous

This skull creation made from wood is from the hands of artist Ben Greener and is available as a print from his online presence at Saatchi Online. For some reason it reminds me of a small scale Wicker Man but one I would rather not

Benoit Polveche AKA Benalo from Deviant Art certainly has some creepy sculptural creations many of which include beautiful skulls. There is also a creepy skeletal figure with what seems like a porcelain doll face. This was a collaborative piece between Benalo and Christine Polis. Be sure

The Lake Monsters Dredge 'Bone' edition from Rotofugi & Brian Morris is an menacing looking sculpture/toy but there's nothing wrong with adding some delightfully evil skull sculptures to the collection! The Bone version features is ivory vinyl with a two-tone brown paint treatment. The Lake Monster

I have seen this Donald Duck skull a short while ago but has since taken me ages to post about it. This cartoon Duck  is called Dunkelheit which I think means 'Darkness' and is created from painted resin. Having a look through Jiri Gellers portfolio

Ever fancy buying some ceremonial skulls? Well now you can lay your hands on your choice of Ceremonial Monkey Skull or if  sheep are more your thing, then purchase yourself a Sheep Skull used in Tibetan Buddhist Shamanistic Rituals. Ideal Christmas gifts are they not? Both available from

I've seen quite a few variations of the cyborg skull and this is one of the more interesting ones. It's been designed by Christopher Conte is expertly made and is extremely cool. You'll generally see very generic cyborg skulls or those similar to the robots

These evil looking skateboard skulls were created by Beto Janz as a way of spreading the word of a skate shop called Ultra Skate that he was promoting. Yes it's advertsing but we do a similar thing with Mr Four Fingers in our own Left

Now this is what I call a lavish collection of skulls. The cheapest skull you can purchase on Lion and Sons * is the Original Skull in Black/White at a solid $12,500 (no gemstones) and goes all the way up to the Divora Skull in yellow gold with white sapphires at a cool $34,000.

I wonder if you can add a lightbulb to these and turn them into ludicrously posh desk lamps. Though it might look a little out of place on my cluttered desk among ink pots and stained coffee mugs.

* UPDATE – Lions and Sons does not seem to exist anymore.


This Stainless Steel Skullhead by Huck Gee weighs a hefty 30 pounds and will set you back $1700. There were only five made, so if you could get your hands on one now, expect to pay more. Stainless steel skullhead found on Individual Sole

I had to post these marvellous Skull Grapes before my Skull-loving associate did. It was a race against the clock but I skullmazed myself by beating him to the punch. B O O M.

These Skull Grapes are aptly named the ‘Black Grapes of Wrath‘ and were created by Ludo. The skulls are hand drawn then laser scultped and then sprayed by hand. Cracking job on the Skull action Ludo! Love your skulls dude.

Ok it's not actually called this, but the hair does remind me of the Sweet Tooth from the  twisted metal gaming series. This faux bronze resin bust can be found over at Tom Spina Designs. This flaming skull is a sculpture by Robb De Nicola