Original, hand painted, realistic skull sculpture.  Each one of these hand crafted, plaster skulls is uniquely painted by an artist from LA Collective, recently formed to represent emerging California Artists. The Skull, dripping with bold colors, embodies the macabre with a street sensibility. Each skull is hand painted

It’s quite horrifying to think that there was once a time that a sharp metal rod and hammer were used in a neurosurgical procedure. I’m referring to a lobotomy. This may sound more than a little lame but I

We have a project on the horizon that involves skull sculpting. So the logical place to look for a video tutorial is YouTube of course. This video by YT user 3DworlD2 (no more info in ‘About’ section) shows you just how much effort goes into

The above “design maquette” , another term for scale-model, shows a skeletal sculpture of a figure wearing an Asian conical hat. Evan Campbell sculpted this skeleton out of Klean clay and it is called 'Blind Dead'. Evan is a freelance sculptor living in California with

We first found out about a fella called Jack of the Dust when he shared some of our Mr Four Fingers skulls creations on Insta. Sinc then we have been following his amazing Instagram account. Jack

    Whilst spending a good portion of the morning looking for real human teeth, as you do, I realised we have not yet posted about Scourge999. Scourge999 is the Instagram ' handle' or whatever it's called is for the owner of the 'Skull Shoppe'. This guy has

This unusual-looking skull sculpture is by Heath Satow, a versatile LA-based artist who specialises in sculpture - just scrolling through his blog now and his portfolio of work is diverse as it is beautiful. Heath made contact us with us through our Facebook page and I've

This Vanitas Skull Figure Bust is dated to the late 17th century and was part of an exhibition humorously named ' Marble Sculpture from 350 B.C. to Last Week'. This exhibition or 'survey' includes "Greek and Roman antiques, Neoclassical sculptures, and works by modern and

These beautifully range of skull sculptures by French Artist Alain Bellino are exquisite. The designs are intricate, delicate and very interesting. Alain has loads more skulls plus a variety of other work on his website so feel free to check them out.

I'm defiantly on a faceted skull spree with the latest batch of posts. The faceted bug has bitten and and can't seem to stop. This latest offering is a large scale, well I guess it's an sculpture of sorts as it's made from numerous pre-formed

I rather like the evolution from simple polygon forms, that 'grow' in various stages, to  eventually depicting a smooth human skull. These polygon skulls were created by Matthew Day Jackson who is a multi-faceted artist hailing from Panorama City California. He currently lives and works

We get so many emails from skull artists across the globe, and I am finding it hard to get back to everyone in a timely fashion so apologies about that! Every now and then though we get send an absolute gem and this explosive skull

For some reason this evil looking spiky skull sculpture makes me think it belongs to some sort of satanic shrine or the Devil's bedroom. This demonic skull was created by Deviant Artist Twisted Freak 666. Yes, there are skulls aplenty over at his Deviant page.

This slightly odd, but weirdly cool, skull flower pot was sent into us by Vicious Noodles. The skull can be bought from his website for just £22 and he also has a collection of other skull sculptures including replica skulls and skull candle holders.