We at the Skull Society have been lucky enough to see some incredible skull jewelry but OMG are we in absolute love with Heist. Heist is a label for crafty captains and sultry sirens, beautiful beasts and beastly burdens, lovers, fighters, riders and racers.  They makes stuff

This simple memento mori skull ring was created by ETSY duo Bonny Rabbit. This ring is made from brass and plated on 24K gold. The words ‘Momento Mori’ are inscribed on the sides of the ring. This is Latin for ‘ remember (that

Some nice alternative skull designs by As The Music Dies. They have an interesting looking skull french horn t-shirt design and cool looking Pharaoh skull rings that vary in prices from $160 - $220 with choices such as sterling silver and bronze.

Some lovely skull accessories from Bonetrail for sale on Etsy. They are two friends who enjoy making jewellery out of skulls, bones and teeth that are all reclaimed from nature. Make sure to visit their Etsy store for some handmade skull goodness, like a

I have always wanted to use a  money clip (probably after seeing the Face Off dragon one) but the problem is you need a few bills first to make it work right! We found this Black Sugar Money Clip over at Moon Raven Design's ETSY

Dahlia Deranged has a crazy amount of sinister trinkets from rings to bracelets and even some real birds skulls set on pendants. She has a huuuge following on Facebook so make sure to check out her page to keep an eye on grabbing some new

I'm astounded at how small these skull rings are, having seen one personally, so I'm surprised it costs $250. Though I guess there is something kind of cool about having your own secret skull, oh yes it also has diamond eyes. There is another option with

This sterling silver skull ring may not be for sale at the moment but it's still great. Looks like it's gnawing the finger when worn! Originally found on Shapeways and designed by Braddock. Shapeways is a 3D printing marketplace and good to check out as there

These lovely skull rings are creations from wonderfully named Rogue and Wolf on Etsy. They have such a nice 'About' section that is more like a short and curious dark tale. You can check out their online store here. Originally found on FAB

What better way to start the year than by donning a skull ring. Ok wait there are a few other things that are better. This black crowned  skull ring with rhinestones can be bought from No Fashion Way (get it?) for a total of €9.

This little tyrant was created by Alexander McQueen, the skull master. Skull ring created from silver tone brass with onyx horns, Swarovski eyes and a fricken mowhawk. Expect to pay $280 if you can find it as there are no store links where I found

This may not be recent, but as it’s a skull it should be here all the same. This pretty awesome faceted skull ring was created by Mastermind Japan X and Core Jewels. Those are rare black diamonds you and there are four designs to choose from. Matermind Japan is also a skull nut, his company logo is a skull and bones, so no doubt he will be on Skull Appreciation Society many times.

I looked into where you can buy them but the link on Freshness is a little defunct. So I think they are all sold out by now. If they are still out there and you can find them, make sure you have some deep pockets as these skull rings range from $6000 – $16000.