This king skull grinder (for 'herbs') also states there are shark teeth but as you can see they are just spikes. Would have been mental if they were real shark teeth. This skull grinder is available for purchase on Amazon for £4.80

Custom toy skulls by Taiwan based artists '13'. These skulls are currently sold out (£15 a pop) but one can always hope that they will make another appearance. I would definitely like to see a key chain attached to this, making my bunch of keys

Can't seem to find where you can buy this from on Monica Tsangs blog and her link take you to another blog in a language I don't recognise. So happy hunting if you decide to track the Knife Skull Stand. Image found on Monica Tsang

This creation by MARTA seems to be a remote control car with a whiff of steampunk. Stick on a camera & speaker and this mobile skull can be used for trick or treating in those high risk urban areas.