You’ve probably seen us mention Ali Gulec before as we’ve featured his work on Society 6 in the past. He’s done a number of floral skulls that we’ve shown you in a previous blog but I thought I’d show you all my own personal Top 5,

AON! BLACK, Jimmi Coffin, started off designed limited edition, and premium quality, t-shirt designs and has started to dip his macabre toes into the murky waters of print making and original artwork. He was one of our 45 artists who exhibited work with us during

It just so happens that Nice Fucking T-shirts have a nice fucking skull t-shirt design. This skull design is called 'Pogo' and is designed by Alfredo Conrique A.K.A. Pogo and is available for $22 with some wicked packaging. Looking more into the artist and it

At first I thought some of these creations by Jeremy Fish were digital prints images but fek no they are paintings (markers and pens), sculptures and screen prints (there may be digital ones so who knows). Most of his designs are a melting pot of

Here are a couple of skull prints available to buy from Brian Ewing's online store. The first one is called Galtan Kaiju and is a 5"x7" (8"x10" frame) Giclee print on German Etching Watercolour paper, edition of 20 for $50. The second is called La

Whilst perusing the net for a skull I found that Herbie the famous beetle has a darker side. Ok I made that up but I have a feeling this may be what the artist was intending, a kinda darker and filthier Herbie. This illustration was

Here is another magnificent skull print by God Machine. Here is the description from God Machine's online shop: "Lilith It is said that Lilith was created at the same time as Adam like an equal, unlike Eve who was made from Adams rib. Lilith refused to be subservient

Death: A Self Portrait is an exhibition currently on show at the Welcome Collection in London and is from a collection of works from Richard Harris. The exhibition has been running since November and will be closing its doors on the 24th February 2013 -

Norman Duenas certainly has  a lovely set of skulls in his illustration portfolio with most looking pretty much perfect for t-shirts. As with a lot of young illustrators these days you can buy their prints on Society 6. Think it's about time I bought one

Dead Man's Tales is a series of illustrations by Derek Nobbs. The series is inspired by a number of ports including Marseilles, Rotterdam and Buenos Aires in the twentieth Century. The illustrations all feature skulls which is why they have featured on the Skull Appreciation's

Dan Hillier, in collaboration with Corinne Nobel, created these beautiful Skull Plate Prints. Each plate depicts the member of a dinner party, a bizarre  dinner party that consists of 2 babies and 1 soldier skull, including the standard father, mother and guest skulls. We wouldn’t be a true Skull Appreciation Society if we didn’t share these beautiful skull creations.

The skull prints are all limited edition and 33cm x 48c in size.

Father Skull Plate