Tim McDonagh has a lovely portfolio bursting with warm and detailed illustrations and as luck would have it he has some dark skull figures as well. One of these skull characters is called Lady of the Flowers (2nd image) and can be purchased as a

This is one of our earlier skull prints available to buy through the Street Anatomy store. The print is called 'Closer' and features 2 skulls facing each other framed in a heart. The illustration was inspired by ONE, where two skulls become one, which Street Anatomy liked so

I'm very excited to show this golden Day of the Dead Skull By Emily Evans. Two reasons really, firstly because we've had the pleasure of meeting Emily, through Vanessa from Street Anatomy, and she's very cool with a mad passion for anatomy and illustration. Secondly this

This Star Skull Print by Ben Allen and is part of the Dirty Sexy Money solo show. The print is limited to 30 and you can get your hands on one of these amazing prints for £220. Ben's got some amazing other work too and you

Chaos Rules Skull Screen Prints and T by us, Mr Four Fingers, and although we are slightly biased, seeing as though we created them, we can safely say that these skull prints are pretty cool. We created these on an induction day at Print Club London and are extremely happy with how the prints they have come out. They have also been one of our most popular prints in our online shop and come in black and orange. We’ve also started printing them on T’s, for us and a few of our friends.

I think next step is to print these on either A2 or A3 and to use this design on our up-and-coming range of T’s.

We got the T printed by Digisin, who have their own range of T’s plus they do custom prints for other artists. It looks great and we recommend them if you want to get some of your own custom T’s printed.


Chaos Rules Skull Screen Print – Black

This print may be sold out, you can see why, but it still deserves to join the skull ranks. This Evil Skull screen print was created by Pure Evil at the lovely London Print Club. Pure Evil, if I'm correct, also has a small exhibition

I found these Skull Portraits through Pinterest. The skulls are definitely influenced by American History and culture. One is an American Indian skull, one is a biker skull and the last is skateboarder or punk skull.

I love the simplicity of the executions, graphite of white paper. The visuals are striking and the skulls are brought to life with a symbol of that generation.

American Indian Skull with Iconic Headdress


We found these skull prints on Society 6’s website. With so many skulls to choose from we were spoiled for choice but I’ve selected a handful of super-cool skull prints to share with our society of skull lovers. The Skull prints are all different and produced by different artists – except for three of the skulls.

I have provided links to each one so if you like you can buy. Yes, totally skullmazing.

Skull Prints by Ali Gulec.

Vintage Skull


The first ever Skull love on our amazing skull appreciation blog is this intricately illustrated screen print from Mr Four Fingers. The actual screen print comes in 2 colours, black and orange, and is only £14.95! What skull bargain. It looks Mr Four Fingers likes skulls