From time to time over at Mr Four Fingers we create a 'Face Skull' portrait of someone, generally friends and this time it's our friend Tarryn. This is a hand drawn pencil portrait, with all black being Indian ink, watercolour and acrylic. These Face Skulls

This skull, Walt A.K.A Heisenberg from the very popular series Breaking Bad, has been created by Travis Louie for  The Breaking Bad Art Project at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. I personally love the series and was so happy when I found this on Street Anatomy's blog.

I found these Skull Portraits through Pinterest. The skulls are definitely influenced by American History and culture. One is an American Indian skull, one is a biker skull and the last is skateboarder or punk skull.

I love the simplicity of the executions, graphite of white paper. The visuals are striking and the skulls are brought to life with a symbol of that generation.

American Indian Skull with Iconic Headdress