Skull Study is an ongoing series of skull drawings by Mr Four Fingers. These skull pieces generally involve silhouetted type figures with their 'faces' sliced off. This reveals a skull and concentric bands of colour. This time the colour is gold metallic paint. This

  One never gets tired of dead cosmonauts, especially when they are done this well. There is something I find deeply frightening about being lost in space. Drifting through emptiness, slowly dying. As the famous film tagline goes "

I certainly love finding amazing pencil drawings created purely in black and white, with the occasional flash of colour. These amazing drawings by Hakuchi A.K.A. Shohei are bursting with detail and fantastically rendered tonal curves of bone and flesh alike. If

  These skull creations by Vlad Gradobyk are both beautiful and disturbing. The disturbing element may come from the fact that we rarely see the skulls of babies/toddlers used in illustrations. It's  a macabre reminder of a very young

Andy Brase may not use skulls as the focus of his works but they certainly show up in many of his works. Brase creates a lot of hellish and dark styled illustrations so it seems only natural our beloved skull

The other day we (Mr Four Fingers) were given the opportunity to mess about with spray paint and of course we started by spray painting skulls.  I have always been keen to try spray paint but wanted to find an area large

Sorrow certainly does become joy when you find an artist with a few skulls in his closet. In this case the skulls belong to Ekundayo, a Honolulu-born multi media artist. This fella has some wicked drawing and painting skills and he has been able to

These impressive skull figures were created by artist James White A.K.A. Signalnoise and if you have ever seen his digital work before you will know that these creations are a step in a different direction. James' work is normally quite colourful and full of clean

Fancy splashing some cash over the weekend? Then why not swing by Christie's and purchase yourself on of these 19th Century Chitipati Skull Figures for a 'Price Realized' $47,500. Ok, I'm not sure what that actually means but the website does state that this is

Whilst visiting the Richard Harris 'Death-A self Portrait' exhibit in London I was particularly entranced by a small statue of Chitipati (labelled as Shri Chitipati). It was roughly a 1.5 foot tall wood carving of two figures, skeletons with grinning skulls and glaring eyes. I