There rare times that deciding to buy something is instant. This amazing Deaths-head Hawkmoth was one of the times. Most of us will re-call this moth from the gruesome film, ‘Silence of the Lambs’. The killer from the film bred Deaths-head Hawkmoth’s (is there a

Somehow this amazing skull drawing by Iain Macarthur eluded our SAS nets. This leering skull was created amongst other illustrations for Be-Street Magazine. Be-Street is a French (there is English however) quarterly publication distributed to 15 countries worldwide.

Pretty damn awesome skull bandana designed by Chris over at Pale Horse Design. It's a limited edition screen print on lightweight fabric with dimensions of 21" x 21" and can be bought from the online store for $10.

A few months ago Alex Konahin's skulls were bouncing around various blogs leaving a trail of appraise in their wake. So it seems only fitting that his amazing skulls have found their way here. Alex creates his skulls with a dip pen and ink and