I'm sure you have heard about Dorian Gray and his debauched lifestyle, where his sins are marks upon a portrait of his likeness, thus keeping him young and virile. The original book, written by Oscar Wilde met with much furor back in the day. This

I'm absolutely blown away by these oil paintings by Charlie Immer and these few skulls are only a glimpse of what this man has to show. At a glance his work seems bright and friendly but soon you realise there is a whole lot of

SAS welcomes back the talented and diverse Gerrard King with his new range of skull t-shirts. You will have seen these skulls before as we have posted about them in the past. I must admit, when I initially saw these skulls, I thought they were

These interestingly morbid skull paintings are by Mike Egan. Mike is a Pitsburgh-based artist and I found him through the latest Street Anatomy and Skull-a-Day Skull Appreciation Day show. There is definite reference to religion and death in his works, so not big talking points

These fragmented skull paintings are collectively called 'Doom Loop' followed by piece number. For instance the first image below is 'Doom Loop 19' and were originally created with Cel-Vinyl Acrylic (not sure how it differs from standard Acrylic?) on paper by artist Tim Biskup. I 

Pretty intense skull murals and art by Hungarian street artist Fat Heat. He has a superb array of images in his portfolio and many crazy skulls strewn about. His 'About' section is quite a refreshing read, no bullshit and pomp, just passion. Fat Heat's art

Rot is a stop-motion video of a decaying body depicted through the forming of a painted skull, and bones, as the body withers away. Skull face-paint ideas have been very popular on our blog before and during Halloween so thought we would end it off

Not only is Scott Campbell is pretty decent tattoo artists but he also has some  interesting alternative outlets for his creative nature. Skulls inside eggs has to be one of the most interesting places I have seen someone put them (pen?). Maybe he should buy

The blurb on Kollectible Kulture states these are "custom drawing of Hugh Rose". So not sure if these are self portraits of Hugh Rose or simply images he has drawn. Whatever they are they are pretty cool. Since I bookmarked this it seems that Kollectible Kulture are