Out the plethora of paintings styles that exist I’m definitely drawn to the ‘painterly style’ above all. A lovely example of that style is this skull painting by the fantastic Pascal Vicollet. Pascal is known for his thick brush strokes, dripping lines and dynamic angles. All

Themes of life and death play a major role in the portfolio of, Japanese artist, Haruko Maeda. Haruko's work is recognisable for it’s skulled people and 1600’s style of depicting figures. Her work is detailed and

New Batman Painting by Mr Four Fingers (Skull Society founders) called Darkness Rising. I think, like many others, that Batman is simply fun to draw. The Dark Knight has such a powerful and menacing silhouette that it simply had to have a skull. Like our first

    Wendy Ortiz may not use skulls as a main focus but you will find them scattered about in her amazing portfolio. Wendy is known for her mixed media portraits of sultry ladies though among these beauties lurk a few skulls. I particularly admire

A couple of simple yet gorgeous digital skull paintings by Robert Carter. We found these two skulls on his Deviant Art profile which has loads of really good painterly portraits if you are into that kind of thing. Robert Carter is a professional artist/commercial illustrator from

Some absolutely stunning paintings from Dan Quintana. Having a look through his Tumblr I found an image of a woman and what seems to be a loose ink skeleton clutching her from behind, which I quite like. Turns out this was the

Chris B Brown is an artists/illustrator who I found on an artist portfolio website called Supersonic Electronic. This skull-themed illustration is provocative and haunting and I find it extremely beautiful. But I might be slightly bias as I am partial to art which features the

There is something quite attractive about the textural simplicity of watercolour skulls. These particular skulls are watercolour paintings created by Barish, an illustrator and tattooist hailing from Queretaro, Mexico. Check out more of his work on Behance.

Sorrow certainly does become joy when you find an artist with a few skulls in his closet. In this case the skulls belong to Ekundayo, a Honolulu-born multi media artist. This fella has some wicked drawing and painting skills and he has been able to

Ever since first seeing the work of HR Giger when I was about 12 I have been a fan of his darkly works and no, this was not solely down to his lurid biomech porn landscapes. If the name Giger does not ring any bells