Mr Lister certainly sounds like a busy fellow, being that he's a graphic designer by day and artist and vinyl toy customiser by night. Like they say, there is no rest for the wicked and in Lister's case that would be

Marco Puccini has vast amount of illustrations in his portfolio and the majority feature odd little characters that remind me of Morph, the famous animated plasticine stop motion TV character from the 70's. Though Marco's creations have even less features and more vacant stares. Happily

LaFlamme has that crazy over the top illustrative style that pops with graphic detail and colours making them pretty hard to miss. Yes the style may be a bit young for me but I admire the talent and the sheer volume of designs this man

At first I thought some of these creations by Jeremy Fish were digital prints images but fek no they are paintings (markers and pens), sculptures and screen prints (there may be digital ones so who knows). Most of his designs are a melting pot of

These beautiful black-and-white skull illustrations have been created by Chris Odgers, the founder of Sawhorse Books. Chris sent us his work on Facebook and you can see more of his work by visiting his page right over here. About Sawhorse Books: Sawhorse Books is an independent

Not only can Brian Morris draw skulls but he can also adapt his skills to painting his skulls on all sorts of vinyl toys and ceramic figures. Be sure to check out his website, with what is the weirdest web domain name I have seen 

Skull Appreciation Society welcomes Senor Salmes skull illustrations to the fold. This guy has some great linework illustrations and most of the time the are coloured digitally with warm retro-esque feel. The prints are available to buy from his online store on Society 6.  

These amazing skull illustrations have created by Laurie Lipton. The detail in the illustrations is insane and Laurie's work has a very distinctive style which you can recognise straight away and any true skull fan will most likely fall in love with her work. Most

Subtly wicked and dark skull illustrations by Total Lost.  By the looks of it most illustrations are printed on high quality 150g paper with a small white border for framing. They also have a skulltastic Mickey Mouse to wear proudly on your chest.

Dead Man's Tales is a series of illustrations by Derek Nobbs. The series is inspired by a number of ports including Marseilles, Rotterdam and Buenos Aires in the twentieth Century. The illustrations all feature skulls which is why they have featured on the Skull Appreciation's