I recently watched an interesting documentary about face removal transplants and how incredibly hard they to pull off (no pun intended). A recent success was about a woman that passed out and when she awoke she found that her dog had chewed the lower part

Solid Gold Death Mask is a new comic book series by  Rufus Daylgo (artist for Tank Girl amongst others) and Sofie Dodgson. In their own words the series is about " primordial scholarly penguins, decapitated heads, rival twin goddess sisters, and a war between

I first saw the amazing detailed artwork of Brian Luong over the clothing brand Twin Serpents with his t-shirt design for them called Resilient which depicts a large 'S' shape forming a dual headed snake, the lower snake head being a vacant skull. After checking out

We've recently launched some new faceted skull t-shirt designs over at our Mr Four Fingers online shop. The faceted skull illustrations were created by Doug, the illustrator behind all of our designs. The girl's t-shirt is a small in the image below. it was meant

I'm sure you have heard about Dorian Gray and his debauched lifestyle, where his sins are marks upon a portrait of his likeness, thus keeping him young and virile. The original book, written by Oscar Wilde met with much furor back in the day. This

I feel like doing this to my face at least twice a day, though I don't reckon my skull would be as cool as this. This Day of The Dead Skull was a random Tumblr find so if you know who the artist is then please

There is definitely something wrong with this guy's backpack or something completely right considering there is a skull in the mix. This illustration was created by Kyle Cobban,a  regular contributor on apparel sites like Threadless and Design by Humans. He is an art teacher, illustrator

You would not really know it from the Captain America movie but Red Skull, Captain America's arch nemesis, is actually ranked as "IGN'S 14th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time". (Wicki). But we are here today to show you this awesome illustration of Red