We're excited to share some really cool skull graffiti done by street artist Filite. All of his work is pretty dam cool so be sure to check it out. More work can be seen here, on instagram  and facebook.  

This may not be a recent skull mural from the mighty Meggs but we share still  share it all the same. Love the work of Meggs for his powerfull and energetic style that is instantly recognisable. Originally found on Designspiration.

I have heard the term ' reverse graffiti' before, when instead adding marks (spray paint, paint etc) you actually remove areas of dirt to create your image. Selective cleaning if you will. So that puts the police in a strange position as you are not vandalising

Amazing skull graffiti by Australian born artist Ian Strange AKA Kid Zoom. Apologies as I didn't bookmark the source of the above image.       Image from Flautones Flickr account Image from Charp Flickr