Right, so I've been pretty busy organising our upcoming skull exhibition, CELEBRABRIS VITAE, so haven't had time to do a proper skull post. So here is a another selection of crazy skull gifs to feed your macabre soul. Found on Tumblr, so unknown artist.

So I'm celebrating my birthday tonight, and as a result of this, I am being super duper lazy. So here is another bunch of skull gifs for you to enjoy! I will be proceeding to get drunk so please do think about me and my hangover tomorrow

For some reason I can't get enough of skull gifs. I fricken love them! I find lots of these on Tumblr, and with most Tumblr posts people don't bother to credit the artist/creator of the image - MASSIVE #FAIL! Why not make some of your own

Jirat Patradoon is an Australian artist/illustrator/graphic designer. His skull-based graphic art is bold, colourful, very striking and is a take on the 'stoic nature of macho pop culture,' which is a quote taken directly from Jirat's website. He creates character-styled visual art of fictional worlds

When we started this blog I never realised how much one could love gifs. So simple but they can really bring a standard photo/image to life. Here are some more skull gifs that I found on Tumblr. Unfortunately the peeps on Tumblr just like sharing