Plague doctors (wicki) were special medical physicians who treated plague victims. Their skull-like mask had a long beak and looked truly freaky. The beak was filled with scented materials and straw. The straw was thought to filter out “miasmic bad air”. In case you were

  Admittedly one of my favourite skulled figures has to be the dead spaceman. These superb digital illustrations were created by Shaun Mooney. These ghoulish fellas seem undead rather than dead. They are wearing futuristic uniforms and are definitely looking to haunt some fellow space travellers. Found

Themes of life and death play a major role in the portfolio of, Japanese artist, Haruko Maeda. Haruko's work is recognisable for it’s skulled people and 1600’s style of depicting figures. Her work is detailed and

This digital painting of a horned skeletal figure by Telthona reminds me of the white walkers from the Game of Thrones. I reckon Telthona's icily evil ' Whisperer' is fit to be their king. If you are into fantasy paintings then be sure to go

Faceless is a lesser God that engulfs animals and uses their skulls to represent his head. This dark creature reminds me of that creepy fella from Spirited Away who tries to consume pretty much everything it comes into contact with. I certainly like this

I recently watched an interesting documentary about face removal transplants and how incredibly hard they to pull off (no pun intended). A recent success was about a woman that passed out and when she awoke she found that her dog had chewed the lower part

This Vanitas Skull Figure Bust is dated to the late 17th century and was part of an exhibition humorously named ' Marble Sculpture from 350 B.C. to Last Week'. This exhibition or 'survey' includes "Greek and Roman antiques, Neoclassical sculptures, and works by modern and

These impressive skull figures were created by artist James White A.K.A. Signalnoise and if you have ever seen his digital work before you will know that these creations are a step in a different direction. James' work is normally quite colourful and full of clean

Whilst stumbling about on the net I found this creepy looking guy called The Skull Man, who is the main character in a Shōnen manga series created by Shotaro Ishinomori in 1970. It caused a sensation as The Skull Man was the first of the

Tim McDonagh has a lovely portfolio bursting with warm and detailed illustrations and as luck would have it he has some dark skull figures as well. One of these skull characters is called Lady of the Flowers (2nd image) and can be purchased as a

When I was looking through my skull bookmark folder I found a bookmark labelled 'Scorpion Sculpture'. As this was old I totally forgot what it was and thought I was going to find some macabre mass of dead scorpions. I was surprised to find that