Original, hand painted, realistic skull sculpture.  Each one of these hand crafted, plaster skulls is uniquely painted by an artist from LA Collective, recently formed to represent emerging California Artists. The Skull, dripping with bold colors, embodies the macabre with a street sensibility. Each skull is hand painted

Elvis is back and this time in the form of an Elvis skull bust. These Elvis heads are pre-made then hand painted, Dia de Muertos style. They look damn fine. Deviant Artist Lucky Hell Cat A.K.A. Leobarda Grijalva hand painted these Elvis skull busts.

Skull Study is an ongoing series of skull drawings by Mr Four Fingers. These skull pieces generally involve silhouetted type figures with their 'faces' sliced off. This reveals a skull and concentric bands of colour. This time the colour is gold metallic paint. This

  One never gets tired of dead cosmonauts, especially when they are done this well. There is something I find deeply frightening about being lost in space. Drifting through emptiness, slowly dying. As the famous film tagline goes "

Sometimes the nicest drawing can simply be a loose sketch, one of the ideas that leads up to the 'final piece'. This is one of those times. This skull sketch was created by Lisa Moran of Ireland, and was actually a process shot. The final was

This version of The Pieta, by Jan Fabre, is a world famous Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti and is housed in St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. It depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of Mary, after the crucifixion. The version you

Stunning skull piece by the amazing Russ Mills A.K.A. Byroglyphics. Not sure what medium he used as he experiments with ink, markers, paint and digital (could be all of those). Whatever the medium, the result is fantastic. Originally found on Skullspiration

It feels like it's taking ages to create this post for Dave Rapoza. This is due to the fact that once you start looking at his portfolio it's hard not to want to look at it all. There is

This beautiful illustration, created by Katerina Murysina, may be light  and feminine but was actually inspired by tragic events. From reading about this illustration on her Behance profile, two female figures represent the passing of her friend and grandmother. These sad events led Katerina to

These impressive skull figures were created by artist James White A.K.A. Signalnoise and if you have ever seen his digital work before you will know that these creations are a step in a different direction. James' work is normally quite colourful and full of clean

When I was looking through my skull bookmark folder I found a bookmark labelled 'Scorpion Sculpture'. As this was old I totally forgot what it was and thought I was going to find some macabre mass of dead scorpions. I was surprised to find that

Following on from our Halloween Skull Mask Ideas comes, yes you guessed it, Halloween Skull Face Paint Ideas! I'm writing this before I actually start looking but I'm guessing the majority of designs I find will be Day of the Dead themed and why not,