I really like the effort that when into creating this photo/digital piece. This day of the dead inspired skull creation forms the basis/platform to advertise the skills of Julia Kuzmenko McKim.(there is a re-touching tutorial available to buy) This time lapse video and

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYKPhhQGgxs It may not be anywhere near Halloween but that does not mean we can't share a good ol skull makeup tutorial. This particular tutorial has a finished skull aesthetic that is a little different from the norm and more like a snowy skull panda. Looks

Rot is a stop-motion video of a decaying body depicted through the forming of a painted skull, and bones, as the body withers away. Skull face-paint ideas have been very popular on our blog before and during Halloween so thought we would end it off

Following on from our Halloween Skull Mask Ideas comes, yes you guessed it, Halloween Skull Face Paint Ideas! I'm writing this before I actually start looking but I'm guessing the majority of designs I find will be Day of the Dead themed and why not,