We have featured the incredible work of Smithe before and yes he is back again. His portfolio has a superb array of highly detailed drawings and a whole treasure trove of skulls. Smithe's signature style definitely has to be

Tavo Montanez is a multi faceted freelance illustrator/designers from Mexico. Amongst his pen creations you can find some wicked looking skull drawings. One of these is a polygon skull covered in drawings of worms and decay. I think this was a

Kit King is another unbelievable artist that we have been fortunate enough to stumble across in the wonderful land of Instagram. Her portfolio is split into either amazing large-scale portraits or wonderful skull drawings and paintings. Kit King is a self-taught Canadian artist with a penchant

   I had literally, yes literally pull myself away from my computer screen lest I spiral too far down the twisted rabbit hole that is the imagination of DZO Olivier. His creations are truly mesmerizing , where figures, plants, objects and animals

If you are a fan of immensely detailed drawings, most created with ultra fine pens, then be sure to check out the madness and mayhem of Marald Art.  I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Marald Art via an

I certainly love finding amazing pencil drawings created purely in black and white, with the occasional flash of colour. These amazing drawings by Hakuchi A.K.A. Shohei are bursting with detail and fantastically rendered tonal curves of bone and flesh alike. If

Andrey Skull is a Bulgarian tattoo artist with a ridiculous talent for drawing and an especially keen talent for drawing skulls. All his drawings are created with mechanical pencil (0.5 lead). I imagine most have have been converted

Daniel Trocchio has some great looking tattoo skulls in his collection, that are either on the flesh or on paper, presumably making it onto the flesh at some point in the future. The combination of baroque motifs, geometric shapes and stippled shading make from some

At first I thought some of these creations by Jeremy Fish were digital prints images but fek no they are paintings (markers and pens), sculptures and screen prints (there may be digital ones so who knows). Most of his designs are a melting pot of

Not only can Brian Morris draw skulls but he can also adapt his skills to painting his skulls on all sorts of vinyl toys and ceramic figures. Be sure to check out his website, with what is the weirdest web domain name I have seen