If you guys have ever visited our Mr Four Fingers and SAS shop you will know we have a massive skull t-shirt called Chaos Rules, which was originally a skull pen drawing. As with other artists I love seeing process images of how pieces were created,

I really like these skull tattoos by Jun Cha for their almost watercolour aesthetic. The structural shapes and facets are reminiscent of greek statues (and there are statues) which I adore for their simplicity and strength. Tattoos of this

This is another pen and ink skull drawing from our other half Mr Four Fingers . This is a dip pen and indian ink drawing which was recently submitted for selection to be made into a sticker, to be part of s sticker book. We

One can never become bored with lovely patterned skulls as seen here with these detailed works of Kelly Merrell. Her detailed illustrations make some great greeting cards, available to buy from her online ETSY store and you could pretty much see these designs being used

Here are a couple of skull prints available to buy from Brian Ewing's online store. The first one is called Galtan Kaiju and is a 5"x7" (8"x10" frame) Giclee print on German Etching Watercolour paper, edition of 20 for $50. The second is called La

Whilst perusing the net for a skull I found that Herbie the famous beetle has a darker side. Ok I made that up but I have a feeling this may be what the artist was intending, a kinda darker and filthier Herbie. This illustration was

I was first introduced to Danish artist Jacob Dahlstrup quite awhile ago with his Flora Skull piece. An amazingly intricate massive graphite drawing of skull that is essentially a mass of plants. This behemoth took 100hrs to create and I can only imagine how many

Luke Scheid is not only a pretty damn good tattoo artist but he also has some fantasticaly vintage skulls.  We found these skull pencil drawings on his Deviant artist account though you can check out some more of his tattoo work on Facebook.      

I will often spend more time than necessary banging out possible names for illustration pieces instead of telling it how it is. TWIY has no such compunctions as clearly shown in the naming of this intricate skull piece titled 'BIG FUCK OFF SKULL'. This design was