This amazing skull design project, Shogyo Mujo, reminds me of that Amon Tobin 3D set design which makes his stage come alive with images and graphics. I would love to see this in person as the visual feasting my eyes would enjoy would be mind-blowing. Shogyo

I have always wanted to use a  money clip (probably after seeing the Face Off dragon one) but the problem is you need a few bills first to make it work right! We found this Black Sugar Money Clip over at Moon Raven Design's ETSY

It just so happens that Nice Fucking T-shirts have a nice fucking skull t-shirt design. This skull design is called 'Pogo' and is designed by Alfredo Conrique A.K.A. Pogo and is available for $22 with some wicked packaging. Looking more into the artist and it

Li Hongbo uses layers of paper to create life-size flexible art sculpures. This video shows a variety of his work, including a skull piece, and talks about his latest exhibition, aptly named Pure White Paper, at the Dominik Mersch Gallery in Sydney Australia. Li Hongbo

Oh God I feel like I'm going cross-eyed looking at this Hope and Glory Skull and I like it! Skull poster  created for a conceptual circus called Hope and Glory by Simon Birch. You can also see more of Simon's work here on his website.

Mr Tree, Joseph Motas, is a Spanish designer currently living in Barcelona. He has a very diverse portfolio ranging from simple pattern making to lighting and furniture design. One of the styles which sets him apart is his patterns and the repitition of these which