I'm kinda blown away by these amazingly detailed pen drawings of cosmic skulls by Tony of Sneaky Studios. These stippled drawings are have been created with pens (fine liners and markers I presume) and acrylic on 6" x 6" wood panels. These mind bending

LaFlamme has that crazy over the top illustrative style that pops with graphic detail and colours making them pretty hard to miss. Yes the style may be a bit young for me but I admire the talent and the sheer volume of designs this man

I rather like the evolution from simple polygon forms, that 'grow' in various stages, to  eventually depicting a smooth human skull. These polygon skulls were created by Matthew Day Jackson who is a multi-faceted artist hailing from Panorama City California. He currently lives and works

I definitely think of some odd things to collect and make skulls from. Fingernail skull art was not on that list. Though old blister skin was. So I should probably not find this gross at all but I do. Maybe it's the texture that freaks

At first I thought some of these creations by Jeremy Fish were digital prints images but fek no they are paintings (markers and pens), sculptures and screen prints (there may be digital ones so who knows). Most of his designs are a melting pot of

This scary looking skull is an altered deer skull freakishly combined with spare bike parts. The final result reminds me of that cat skull fella from the film '9' that kept giving everyone a bad day. This skull was a submission from artist duo Mark Grieve

We featured Skull Spider from artist and tattooist Resonanteye a few months back and now we are back with some more creepy skull oddities. Skull Spider is still available for purchase from her online Etsy store for £1962.32. It's pretty amazing and is probably something

YMT Design, an Australian based artists and designer, created these amazingly detailed skull illustrations. The intricate elements of each piece have you staring at each  illustrations for hours.

This enormous and beautifully gaudy skull sculpture was created by famous artists Niki de Saint Phalle and is situated at Missouri Botanical Gardens. This particular image is an eery photograph taken by Slopjockey on Deviant Art and was a bookmarked image from ages ago. I

I recently went to Paris and found a few skulls which I wanted to share with you all - I do not know the names of the shops/artists/creators so if you recognise any then please share the names with us. I was hoping to find

Sebastien Lafleur sent us his beautiful skull art through Facebook and we had to share them with you. You can see more of his skull art and other paintings on his website too. Thanks for sharing Sebastien! Remember you can share your skulls with us through

This gorgeous golden melting skull is by Swedish-born artist Malin Isaksson. It was spotted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and is called 'He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest.' The skull was water-gilded with 23.75 karat gold and made of plaster, clay, gesso and bole.

This 3-dimensional skull, by tattoo artist Scott Campbell, was part of Noblesse Oblige art show in LA and is comprised of a stack of $11,000 in cut, un-cut currency sheets. Funnily enough I have seen this skull before and was meant to post about it ages ago too. Better late than

Li Hongbo uses layers of paper to create life-size flexible art sculpures. This video shows a variety of his work, including a skull piece, and talks about his latest exhibition, aptly named Pure White Paper, at the Dominik Mersch Gallery in Sydney Australia. Li Hongbo

Here is another magnificent skull print by God Machine. Here is the description from God Machine's online shop: "Lilith It is said that Lilith was created at the same time as Adam like an equal, unlike Eve who was made from Adams rib. Lilith refused to be subservient